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Orthotech offers custom, comfortable prosthetics to help patients get back to everyday activities.

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We focus on the needs of our patients.

Whether a patient is receiving a prosthetic device for the very first time or being fit for a new device after many years of use, we understand that all patients are looking for products that best meet their unique needs.

Some people just want life to feel normal again. They want to go back to work in the garden. Or return to their normal evening walks. While other people want to push themselves to their physical limits by testing new breakthrough technologies that allow them increased mobility, speed and agility.

I was having issues with my prosthesis for years. I just could not get a pain free socket fit and it was causing me to become dependent on a wheelchair. I visited several different prosthetic companies who could not get it right. I reached out to Orthotech and the owner Mike Bugg and his team was able to get me upright and walking within the same week. I know have my life back and enjoy riding my motorcylce again!

Brian Burkhart
Above Knee- C-Leg User
Man playing golf

We know how to find the perfect prosthesis.

The right product is the one that doesn't just fit your limb, but also fits your lifestyle. That is why we ask every prosthetic patient to complete an initial evaluation form. We want to make sure we understand what is most important. Is it flexibility? Is it appearance? It is performance?

We will work with you to get precise measurements to maximize your movement and minimize discomfort. Orthotech’s team will continually work with you after fitting the device to ensure you are happy with the product.

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Microprocessor Specialists

The Microprocessor-controlled knees provide a more sophisticated method of control to a prosthetic knee. The microprocessor controlled knee provides you with the ability to speed up, slow down, go uphills, go downstairs and step over object.

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle of hiking, swimming, boating, the beach, golfing, skiing, walking the dog, playing sports, jogging, surfing, playing with your kids? The Microprocessor is the right choice for your lifestyle!        

Upper & Lower Extremity Prosthesis
Microprocessor (C-Leg) Prosthesis
Hemipelvectomy Prosthesis
Hip Disarticulation

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