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Orthotech's mobile prosthetic lab gives patients the freedom of relaxing at home while we come to you.

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The World’s First Mobile Prosthetics Lab!

The purpose of the worlds first mobile prosthetic lab was to help patients who have a hard time driving or finding rides to and from clinics. New amputees may not feel safe driving to and from clinic appointments. We believe our patients should be able to recieve our service at the comfort of their home. The Orthotech prosthetic teams cares about each patient and we believe our patients should recieve their prosthesis same day to ensure a true comfortable fitting prosthetic socket.

Shawnna Mead was our first mobile prosthetic lab patient. She was the inspiration behind creating the mobile lab which will allow us to help even more patients at the comfort of their home. Shawnna lives in Florida and was having a hard time getting a true comfortable fitting prosthesis. Mike Bugg was able to come down and manufacture Shawnna's prosthesis same day at her home. She now on track to reaching her mobility goals and is a true amputee warrior!!!

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Custom Prosthetics Made Right In Front of You and your Family!

Our prosthetic team will show up to your home and provide the pleasure of educating and demonstrating how a prosthesis is made. Whether you want your favorite sports team, animals, harley davidson logo, picture of kids or grandkids, pets, we can custom design the prosthesis socket to whatever you desire.

We want our patients to be happy with their prosthesis and believe in giving our patients what they want and what they deserve to regain their mobilty.

Our patients become lifelong family and they can always count on the Orthotech team to be there for you every step of the way. Literally!

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No need to arrange rides

We will come to you, which eliminates multiple trips to and from clinics and arranging rides. Being mobile allows us to bring our same white glove services to partients' front doors.

Manufacturing prosthesis within same day

Our fully equipped mobile lab allow us manufacture prosthesis for patients within a few hours depending. Our prosthetic team has over 100 plus years of Old School industry knowledge.

At your home, mobile prosthetic lab allows us to

We can identify the actual environmental barriers you face everyday, whether that be stairs, ramps, hills. We can determine the right prosthesis hardware for you.

Custom prosthetics made right in front of you

We provide custom made prosthesis same day. Our team encourages to invite your family or friends to watch their prosthesis get made. The socket fit is the most important part of your prosthesis. A painful prosthesis will only cause sores, pain and delaying mobility goals.

The World First Mobile Prosthetic Lab

We created the first mobile prosthetic lab desgined to change the prosthetic industry to help patients quicker and manufacture prosthesis faster to ensure a truly comfortable fitting prosthesis socket.

Reasons Why Our Mobile Prosthetic Lab is so Successful

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