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Orthotech offers custom, comfortable orthotics to help patients live a happy and active life.

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Experience Makes the Difference.

Orthotech Orthotics & Prosthetics provides both custom fit and off-the-shelf orthoses for patients of ages and sizes. Our skilled and accredited practitioners are among the most qualified in the industry. We are board certified and have been in Michigan for over 35 years

Jeremy Adams

“After this I saw a couple different prosthetists who were trying to make me to “settle” for a leg/knee that I did not want. It would have greatly altered my way of life. They were giving all the reasons I needed to do what they were saying.I then posted something on Facebook page about it and a patient of Mike’s got me in touch with him and the rest is history. Mike brought me up to Michigan from Texas and started right away working with me.Mike, Kathy, Dustin, and Michael as well as the whole office made my stay so enjoyable. A week later I left to go home with the leg I wanted. I couldn’t be happier.

Jeremy Adams
Above Knee- Dallas, TX
We treat our patients with exceptional care

Patients Come First.

We are passionate about our patient care and continuously work to ensure each patient is treated like family. Every patient is given the opportunity to review the service they have received and provide feedback. We also regularly consult with our patients' doctors to make sure we are providing the best possible service.

Our practitioners will work hand-in-hand with each patient to find the right product and the perfect fit. Sometimes this means thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ways to enhance patients' lives through custom orthotic devices.

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AFO’s- Custom Ankle Bracing
KAFO’s-Custom Knee Bracing
WHFO-Wrist, Hand, Finger Orthosis
Fracture, Scoliosis, Sports Bracing
Surgical Walking Boot
Spinal Orthosis
Shoulder & Elbow Bracing
Custom Arch Supports
Diabetic & Orthopedic Shoes
Pediatric orhtotics
Spinal trauma
Lower limb pathologies

We Have Patients of Many Backgrounds and Needs.

We understand that patients will have unique backgrounds and perspectives. We have extensive experience with:

Diabetic Patients
Spinal Trauma
Lower Limb Pathologies
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