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No matter your personal situation is we will work with you to find a solution that gives you your mobility. Hear from one of our success stories below, amputee Shawna.

Patient Testimonials

Educating people about the importance of losing a limb and finding the right prosthetic company is super important! I personally am very humbled and honored that the one person had enough heart to help me walk again. In my heart there isn’t enough words to express how thankful I really am for Mike Bugg. He is a man with lots of integrity and has love for each of his patients. His team is equally amazing as well! You walk in a patient and walk out a friend!

Shawnna Mead
Above Knee - Bonifay, FL

Covid shut me down and I gained 30lbs. Lost my doctor and my prosthetic tech. I spent 2 years on crutches and had severe pain in hips and back. I called Orthotech and I met the owner Mike Bugg on my first visit and he had me up and walking within a month of initial appointment.

Brian Burkhardt
Above Knee - Kingston, MI

I came traveled to Michigan from California to see Mike Bugg at Orthotech to get my new prosthesis. I was blown away with the the attention to my progression, required adjustments and personal needs has been above and beyond and its quite refreshing. Michael and his staff are not only top notch, they actually care about their patients and making sure they're successful in their recovery. They take the extra time and attention to ensure that I am on the correct path to success.

Mario Panagiotopoulos
Below Knee - Phelan, CA

“Been here Many of time’s, and you couldn’t meet the most awesome people that can, and will help you do it right for whatever your situation may be, and on top of that, you’ll learn from the pro’s to get you up and running to your satisfaction, and well being’s. Thank’s again to this staff at Orthotech Orthopedics..”

Walter Topij- Below Knee- Prescott, MI

“After this I saw a couple different prosthetists who were trying to make me to “settle” for a leg/knee that I did not want. It would have greatly altered my way of life. They were giving all the reasons I needed to do what they were saying.I then posted something on Facebook page about it and a patient of Mike’s got me in touch with him and the rest is history. Mike brought me up to Michigan from Texas and started right away working with me.Mike, Kathy, Dustin, and Michael as well as the whole office made my stay so enjoyable. A week later I left to go home with the leg I wanted. I couldn’t be happier.

Jeremy Adams
Above Knee- Dallas, TX

“These guys have made it so I can get up and do pretty much anything I want to do.”

Tracy Kemp
Below Knee - Summer, MI
Mike Bugg with patient Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis age 53 of Vassar, Michigan never expected to be able to walk his daughter, Kasey, down the aisle last spring, and he certainly didn’t expect to dance at her wedding. An Amputee since 2010, Patrick has spent the last nine years in a wheelchair and on crutches after developing a serious bone infection from many injuries to his left leg.

Continuing health problems took away his livelihood as a foundry millwright and constant pain zapped his energy and hope for his future. After developing abscesses in his begin January 2011, another amputation followed, two inches higher.

But those once in a lifetime wedding memory were made possible because of Mike Bugg, a second-generation Prosthetist, Orthotist, and Pedorthoist with 40 years’ experience.

Patrick has heard about Mike’s skill and experience with prosthetics in two encounters with other amputees he saw who were easily walking without pain, including a double amputee during a weekend in August 2018. After asking where they got their prosthetic legs, he was told to Call Mike Bugg at Orthotech."

Patrick Davis
Veteran - Vassar, MI

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