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Our History

In 1999, Lawrence Michael Bugg founded Orthotech Prosthetics & Orthotics. Our family company has passed through two generations to provide orthotics, pedorthic care, and prosthetics to Saginaw, MI and across the U. S.

Our Company

Orthotech Prosthetics & Orthotics’ past projects include athletic creations, such as facemasks for players of the Detroit Pistons and knee braces for the Detroit Lions. We have also provided prosthetics for the Supercross, Motocross, and the Worldwide Extremity Games.          

Our staff has over 90 years of combined experience bringing the most updated treatments and techniques to patients. We care for every individual who comes to us and create personalized products that provide the mobility and healing each customer deserves.

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Orthotech Staff

Executive Team

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Our Founder

Mike Bugg grew up learning his craft from his father and several other industry icons. As Mike’s grandfather was a World War II veteran and amputee, the family business has always been built from personal experiences and the desire to help others.

Mike continues his father’s legacy of attentive service and fine workmanship. He has enhanced Orthotech Prosthetics & Orthotics by developing new technologies and continuing to help countless people with prosthetics in Saginaw, MI.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Mike is board certified as a prosthetist, orthotist, and pedorthist. For the past 20 years, Mike has participated in multiple local pediatric, orthotic, and prosthetic clinics.  He has also taught students of Central Michigan University and Wayne State University and he currently gives travel lectures on cerebral palsy, serial casting, and foot plating.

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Team Members

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Dustin Neubecker | Lab Supervisor

Dustin is our lead technician and has been with Orthotech for the past 9 years. He oversees the
lab and ensures that it runs smoothly and efficiently. He is involved in the day it day operations of building the prosthetic limbs and orthotics. Prior to working orthotech, Dustin could be found in his taxidermy workshop mounting whitetail deer, bobcats, bears etc…
Dustin lives with his wife Jessica , and son Colton. In his free time Dustin enjoys hunting and

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Brenda Scott | Office Manager

Brenda is the smiling face that meets you at the front desk. She has been with Orthotech for the past 3 years, before joining our team she spent 14 years working as a medical assistant for
a busy doctors office. Her responsibilities encompass the entire 3 offices. She is in charge
of scheduling, ordering, and all administration procedures. Brenda is also a Mastectomy fitter, filling all the of patients needs, before and after surgical procedures.
In her free time Brenda enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors. She lives in Rose City
with her husband Buck, and they have two children.

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Kathy Schnautz | Certified Professional Coder

Kathy is our certified billing and coding manager. She oversees and streamlines the billing
processes. Prior to joining Orthotech, Kathy worked for 14 years as a billing specialist in the
medical field. Kathy and her husband Ken have one daughter. Her hobbies include quilting and spending time with family. Her and her husband also enjoy riding their Harley.

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Michael Bugg | Clinical and Fabrication Apprentice

Michael works as an assistant in the clinical and fabrication realms of prosthetics and orthotics. He has grown up in the field, as his father owns the company and his grandfather is a retired veteran in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. Michael is a student at Baker College working towards his technician degree and then attending
Eastern University to obtain his license for prosthetics and orthotics.
Michael enjoys hunting and fishing ,but his true passion is riding motorcycles. He started
riding at the tender age of 4, at age 17 he became a professional motocross racer and has
competed with the top motocross riders you see today.

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Vicki Sidelko | Director of Marketing

Vicki is responsible for all the marketing needs of Orthotech, which include event coordinating, referral retention and public relations. Vicki is also a Mastectomy fitter.
Vicki has 4 boys and one grandchild. Her hobbies include gardening, jets sking, time outdoors
and spending time with her family.

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Alexandria Daniels | Certified Technician

Ali’s, is an ABC certified technician, she joined us a year ago while doing an internship for her prosthetics and orthotics classes at baker university. She is now working towards her
bachelors and then she will attend eastern university to obtain her practitioners degree in prosthetic and orthotics. Ali is part of out team during breaks at school and during the summer months. Ali enjoys spending time with family and friends. Ali likes to sky dive and will take her first solo dive this summer.

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Lynn Johnson | Customer Service Representative

Lynn has just joined our saginaw location after having interned with Orthotech in the past. Lynn provides administrative, secretarial,and clerical support to others in the office to maintain an efficient office environment. Lynn and her fiancé Jeremy along with their son Markie are planning an August wedding. In their free time they enjoy bump and run races and family time.

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Tonya Bugg | Certified Mastectomy Fitter

Tonya has been a Certified Mastectomy Fitter for the past 20 years. She also serves on our advisory committee for the day to day operations. She has part of the Orthotech team since 1999. Tonya enjoys gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

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Kyle Piglowski | Information Technology

Kyle plans, coordinates,directs and designs IT related activities of the organization as well as provides office support. Kyle is attending CMU for a degree in Hospital administration . He and his fiancé Mandy are planning a June wedding. They have a 4 year old son and enjoy spending time with family. Kyle hobbies include boating, jet skiing and flying remote helicopters.

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Jeff Muzyk | Director of Corporate Compliance

Jeff is in charge of overseeing and managing our compliance program within the organization.
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Kathy Muzyk | Customer Service Representative

Advisory Committee

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Jim Bugg | Advisory Committee

Jim serves on our advisory committee. He is a seasoned Veteran with over 60 years experience as a CPO in the industry. He served many years on the board for orthotist/prosthotist certification in which he participated in writing the certification exam that is used today. His professional experience is a great value to our organization. Jims hobbies include woodworking, restoring vintage tractors, and spending time with his family.

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Darlene Legge | Advisory Committee

Darlene has been with Orthotech for the past 15 years, but has recently retired and is missed by many. However she still serves on the advisory committee, and as a fill in when needed. Darlene enjoys cooking, walking and the horses on her hobby farm.

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Moto & Champ | Office Mascots

Moto and Champ were a staple in the West Branch office for many years and have become very
loved by many of the patients. They are now in retirement, but still visit the office on occasion.